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Stephen Funk Pearson grew up in a professors family. He was at the Woodstock Music Festival and travelled to Russia. He built a cabin on an island in British Columbia and lived off the land. He played guitar, piano, cello, flute, drums, etc. He was bedridden with an exotic disease for 2 years. He went to India on crutches and founded a 40 member ashram in New York. He attended school and graduated (A.B. Vassar College - double major in philosophy and music; M.A. Hunter College - with honors, in composition). He started folk, rock, and jazz bands (wrote the music, played, and sang). He raised 4 owls. He taught at Bard College. He was a lifeguard. He spent 2 years in Europe on a Maguire Fellowship. He recorded a Four Star (Philadelphia Inquirer) critically acclaimed album of his own compositions. He performed concerts in Europe and America. He was artist-in-residence in North Carolina and New York. He travelled to Africa and Latin America. He was assistant to the press secretary in the Paul Tsongas presidential campaign.

Funk Pearson compositions are recorded and performed widely. His cartoon series Cacophony Corner appears in Soundboard magazine. His writings have been published in magazines and newspapers including the Boston Herald, Boston Globe, and N.Y. Times. As the founder of Funk-TV, he writes, produces, and hosts a controversial syndicated television series. He performs with his band Good in Bed. He is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Ephraims Cove, New Hampshire, where he does nothing.

Pearson is one of the guitars great originals, determined to go his own way, open to all influences but succumbing to none. &invariably refreshing and interesting. His work is energizing and captivating& One or two discerning guitarists have begun to play his pieces in public; when it becomes the norm rather than the exception, the average guitar concert will be a livelier scene.  Colin Cooper, Classical Guitar Magazine

Funk Pearson shows no fear of intricate counterpoint or new effects&a composer of rare sympathy&  The London Times

The music impels you; it is continually surprising and always right&  The Woodstock Times

Funk Pearson delights in startling and broken rhythms, complex harmonies, double-helixed lines, lots of surprises.  Fanfare

a feeling for whimsy and wry reverie&and a sensitive, sensual originality.  Philadelphia Inquirer

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