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Antonio Madureira was born in Macau, a little town in the northeast of Brazil, on November 24, 1949. When he was 17 years old, his family moved to Recife where he intensified his studies of music and began his artistic career. He studied guitar in the School of Fine Arts with Spanish teacher Josť Carrion, disciple of the master Emilio Pujol, and also received lessons in harmony and counterpoint with priest Jayme Diniz.

In 1970 he was invited by the writer Ariano Suassuna to take part in the Armorial Movement with other artists who were also using traditional pop culture in creating their art. Antonio Madureira was the leader of the important Brazilian instrumental group Armoral Quintet.

Besides being a guitarist and composer, Madureira is an ethnomusicologist, researcher and educator, and has scored several theater, dance and film works.

Antonio Madureiras compositions incorporate the origins (indigenous-African-Iberic) of traditional Brazilian music, with the most contemporary languages and techniques of modern Brazilian guitar.

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