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Born in Sao Paulo in 1950, Paulo Bellinati is recognized as one of Brazil's top contemporary guitarists. After graduating from the Conservatory Dramatico e Musical of Sao Paulo, where he studied classical guitar with Isaias Savio, he lived for six years in Switzerland, continuing his musical studies at the Conservatory of Geneva and teaching at the Conservatory of Lausanne.

He has recorded and performed with many important Brazilian musicians including Gal Costa, Leila Pinheiro, Caetano Veloso, Vania Bastos, Edu Lobo, Chico Buarque, and his group Paul Brasil. He won Brazil's equivalent of a Grammy, the 1994 Pr�mio Sharp, for his arranging of Gal Costa's CD O Sorriso do Gato de Alice.

In 1988, Paulo Bellinati won the first prize for composition with his solo guitar piece Jongo, at the "8th Carrefour Mondial de La Guitare" in Martinique. His arrangements and compositions are published and distributed worldwide by Guitar Solo Publications (GSP) of San Francisco and are being recorded and performed by many guitarists including John Williams, Timothy Kain, Eduardo Isaac, Cristina Azuma, Sergio and Odair Assad, Ricardo Cobo, Shinichi Fukuda, the Strano Sisters, and Carlos Barbosa-Lima.

The Guitar Works of Garoto (GSP/1991), a CD and two volumes of printed music, the result of many years of Bellinati's research on the brilliant Brazilian guitarist/composer Annibal Augusto Sardinha (Garoto), has been acknowledged as a work of great historical significance and received a 5-star rating from CD Review magazine.

For his album Guitares du Bresil (GHA/1991), he composed solos, duos, trios, and ensembles, playing the guitar and very typical Brazilian instruments such as the cavaquinho (4-string soprano guitar), viol�o de seresta (traditional 6-steel string guitar), sete cordas (7-string guitar), and viola caipira (10-string folk guitar). The CD received Le Choc de La Musique from Le Monde de La Musique and a 4-star rating from Diapason, two of the most important music magazines in France.

Serenata - Choros & Waltzes of Brazil (GSP/1993), features the music of Jobim, Almeida, Powell, Reis, Gnattali, Neves, and Bellinatis own compositions. The CD reflects the best of Brazilian traditions - romanticism and rhythmic sensuality.

Afro-Sambas (GSP/1996), is a guitar and voice album with the Brazilian singer Monica Salmaso. Produced, arranged, and played by Paulo Bellinati, the CD premieres the complete Afro-Sambas by Baden Powell and Vinicius de Moraes, including the famous Berimbau and Consolacao.

Lira Brasileira (GSP/1996), his latest solo recording, recreates Brazilian styles like Lundu, Modinha, Schottisch, Seresta, Maxixe, Bai�o, Maracatu, Frevo, and Xaxado. This collection is a great addition to Bellinati's original repertoire and shows him to be a master guitar composer.


"Paulo Bellinati is one of my few ‘brothers in music’ and I do consider him as more than an instrumentalist of the highest calibre; he is a true artist and I'm fond of his approach to the greatest pages of Popular Brazilian Music (MPB)." - Roland Dyens

"Playing with nylon or steel strings, fingerstyle or with plectrum, Paulo is building his work as a musician, arranger, and composer with rare skills, and above all, with an absolutely personal language. He plays Brazilian styles like lundu, modinha, valsa brasileira, baião, choro, maxixe, and moda de viola with the fludity of one who deeply knows the rhythms of his country — the Brazilian way of composing and feeling the music. Paulo Bellinati plays with the Brazilian touch — while touching our hearts and emotions also." - Edu Lobo

"Possessing a clean and decisive technique, Bellinati is one of the best guitarists of the young generation." - Laurindo Almeida

"One of Brasil's greatest contemporary guitarists..." - Arnaldo de Souteiro, Tribuna da Imprensa - Rio de Janeiro

"A consummate practitioner of a variety of classical, jazz, and pop styles...a kind of prototype of the modern Brazilian guitarist." - Mark Holston, Guitar Player Magazine

"Paulo Bellinati is in a class by himself and is the heir apparent to Garoto and Bonfa." - Rico Stover, Classical Guitar Magazine

"Brazilian Paulo Bellinati is a brilliant recitalist whose music adroitly blends jazz and Brazilian folk elements." - Mark Small, Acoustic Guitar Magazine

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