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(Montevideo, Uruguay, 1902 - São Paulo, Brazil, 1977)

According to Isaias Savio, "a true pedagogue's task is to mark the true and positive inroad to art." His great contribution to the guitar world is stunning - an intense discipline as a composer, arranger, and pedagogue produced hundreds of works.

Born in Uruguay in 1900 and exposed as a youth to the blossoming guitar culture of Uruguay and Argentina, Savio came to Brazil in 1931, where he remained until his death in Sao Paulo, in 1977. He was a renaissance man - possessing a healthy bohemian joy for life, while being involved in various cultural subjects, from philosophy to the arts. His interest in absorbing the richness of Brazilian folklore is evident in many of his arrangements and original works.

He often quoted Plato - "only through the work, one lives beyond his lifetime." As a true master, he lives forever through his numberous magnificent contributions. As his pupil and forever a friend, I have wonderful, timeless memories of Isaias Savio.

bio by Carlos Barbosa-Lima

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