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Thierry Rougier studied music and classical guitar in Toulouse, France with Javier Hinojosa and Alvaro Pierri. Besides his formal studies, much of his knowledge and skills are self-taught through many years of interaction with musicians from other countries, their music and indigenous instruments. One of these influential friends is Brazilian guitarist Celso Machado, with whom he has played and recorded. Rougier is also an ethnologist, focusing his research on Brazilian culture.

Since 1992, he has been playing guitar and percussion in a group called La Talvera in the south of France. The group plays traditional music using instruments of the region including bagpipes, country oboe, bamboo fife, clarinet, and diatonic accordion. Vocals are sung in the local Occitan language.

Composing guitar music since the eightys, Thierry Rougiers compositions are inspired by folk and popular styles. Of his numerous guitar works, 3 Byzantines can be heard on Cristina Azumas CD Contatos (GSP 1009), and Four Seasons is the title track on Xuefei Yangs album Si Ji (GSP 1028).

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