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Quattro Ritornelli [score & parts]

I. ...verso il mare , II. Tarant lla , III. Cantil na , IV. fine e lıinizioGenerally speaking, a musical term ıritornelloı is particularly found among some arias or concertos in the Baroque. However, this time, what made me compose the work was not that musical tradition, but a strong sympathy for the original meaning of this Italian word, ıto returnı. We are always with the instinct telling us the ways to return to the places where we are from. And those are the very places where we can find happiness we can believe in. The work also reflects this strong hope of my own. As the title shows, this work consists of four movements. Each movement is finalized, but I want the movements to be played as if it is a piece of work. So some movements should be played by attacca, like seasons changing without interruption. Or quietness filled with tensions between one movement and the next can make movements continuous.  Each movement has a brief unison part at the beginning. The first movement is a barcarole titled ıı verso il mare (to the sea)ı. The second movement is ıTarantellaı, a dance unique to Italian music. It is a symbol of human activities and feasts rather than music. The third movement is ıCantilenaı; it is not an elegy but a song wishing happiness calmly. Solos by the soloists invite in the tutti gently. The last movement is ııla fine e lıinzio (the end is the beginning)'. ıRetournelloı, which means to return, is expressed differently in this abstract title. This movement is an Italian old dance called saltarello. I gave this title because I believe that the finale filled with delight surely leads to a new beginning.

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