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Guitar Solo, our retail shop is located at 230 Townsend Street in San Francisco (minutes from the Caltrain Station and AT&T/Giants Ballpark. The shop telephone number is 415 896 1922. Shop (walk-in) hours are Mondays thru Saturdays: 11-6 and Sundays: 12-5. Parking is sometimes an issue, but just across the street, 90 minutes of parking is free with a $5.00 validated purchase at Safeway.

All retail orders [online only] of $50 or more receive a 10% discount. This 10% discount does not apply to instruments or strings but instruments and/or strings on an order count toward the $50 of total merchandise [before sales tax and shipping].

GFA members receive their usual 10% discount on all orders plus an extra 10% discount (instruments and strings excluded) on orders of $50 or more. Until our new website is up and running, GFA DISCOUNT ORDERS MUST BE PHONED IN. (866)788-2255 (US orders) - (415)896-1144 (all others) [Monday-Friday: 9-4 pst]. Please mention the discount and have your GFA ID Number available.

To see our specially priced items, do a search on SALE!!! (with the 3 exclamation points) and all sale items will appear. Prices are good while supplies last.

Guitar Solo/GSP T-shirts.
The black with orange text T's are available in GSPTS, GSPTM, GSPTL, & GSPXL sizes.
$15.00 DETAILS >>

1920 Jose Ramirez Parlor Guitar
JOSERAMI1920 $10,000.00DETAILS >>

1968 Herman Hauser II Guitar
HAUSER68 $50,000.00DETAILS >>

1965 Manuel Reyes Flamenco Guitar
MANUREYE65 $17,500.00DETAILS >>

1964 Ignacio Fleta Guitar
IGNAFLETA64 $55,000.00DETAILS >>

1959 Ramirez (Paulino Bernabe) Guitar

1967 Marcelo Barbero (hijo) Guitar

1977 Paul Fischer Guitar

2007 Jose Marin Plazuelo Classical Guitar in mint condition

2013 Will Hamm 7-String Guitar (Yamandu Costa's exclusive choice in guitars)
WILLHAMM13 $9,000.00DETAILS >>

2013 Steve Porter "Quantum" Classical Guitar
STEVPORT2013 $6,900.00DETAILS >>

1977 Teruaki Nakade C10 Classical Guitar
TERUNAKA77 $1,300.00DETAILS >>

1980 Manuel Lopez Bellido Classical Guitar
MANUBELL80 $6,000.00DETAILS >>

1969 Hideo Kamimoto Jumbo Steel String Guitar

1865-1910 Bay State Steel String Parlor Guitar

The Bible of Classical Guitar Technique by Hubert Kappel
AMA610425E $37.00DETAILS >>

Yamashita Edition, Volume 3 - Hungarian Rhapsody by Liszt, Le Cygne by Saint-Saens, Caprice 24 by Paganini
GG596 $30.00DETAILS >>

Beyond The Blue Sky - Hirokazu Sato Collected Works for Guitar
GG591 $35.00DETAILS >>

Quattro Ritornelli for 4 Guitars by Shingo Fujii
GG508 $35.00DETAILS >>

Amistad for 4 Guitars by Shingo Fujii
GG516 $28.00DETAILS >>

Bach - Sonata 6 in G, BWV 1019 for 3 Guitars - Transcribed by Manuel Barrueco
TONAR50901 $29.95DETAILS >>

Bach - Cello Suite 1 - Transcribed by Manuel Barrueco
TONAR31201 $14.95DETAILS >>

Bach - Chaconne - Transcribed by Manuel Barrueco
TONAR41201 $14.95DETAILS >>

Scarlatti - 5 Sonatas - Transcribed by Manuel Barrueco
TONAR40901 $14.95DETAILS >>

Sor - Selected Works - Transcribed by Manuel Barrueco
TONAR61215 $14.95DETAILS >>

Ukulele Lessons by Jake Shimabukuro
HL320992 $19.99DETAILS >>

Classical Guitar Chops by Evan Hirschelman
HL696550 $19.99DETAILS >>

The Most Requested Bossa Nova & Samba Songs
HL154900 $19.99DETAILS >>

Chinese Music for Guitar by Fernando Perez
HL142329 $14.99DETAILS >>

The Best of Joaquin Rodrigo - 16 pieces edited by Frederic Zigante
HMGB28 $26.99DETAILS >>

Fernando Sor's Grand Solo edited by Mario Torta & Frederic Zigante
DF16285 $22.99DETAILS >>

Great Classical Themes for Easy Guitar - 27 Famous Pieces in standard notation and TAB
HL702050 $6.95DETAILS >>

The historic arrangement of Moussorgsky's Pictures at An Exhibition for solo guitar by Kazuhito Yamashita is now back in print
GG585 $38.00DETAILS >>

Handel For Guitar - 33 Transcriptions by Martin Hegel
22319 $19.99DETAILS >>

Sor For Guitar - 35 Easy to Intermediate Original Works for Guitar
22349 $18.99DETAILS >>

Beethoven - Sonata Quasi una Fantasia, Op. 27 #2 arranged for 2 guitars by Lorenzo Micheli & Matteo Mela
DZ2372 $19.00DETAILS >>

Haydn's Sonata No. 16 arranged for solo guitar by Dusan Bogdanovic
DO1016 $10.00DETAILS >>

Choral Variations and Fugue for solo guitar by Dusan Bogdanovic
DO1022 $8.00DETAILS >>

3 Miniatures - Under The Linden Tree for solo guitar by Dusan Bogdanovic
DO999 $7.00DETAILS >>

Ricercar Kalij for solo guitar by Dusan Bogdanovic
DO1024 $5.00DETAILS >>

Looking Glass Ties for solo guitar by Stephen Goss
DO1011 $13.00DETAILS >>

Watts Chapel for solo guitar by Stephen Goss
DO1013 $5.00DETAILS >>

Falcon Flight for guitar and alto recorder or flute by Reginald Smith-Brindle
DO970 $12.00DETAILS >>

Five Chinese Impressions for solo guitar by Johannes Moller
DO950 $10.00DETAILS >>

Batuque for solo guitar by Joao Luiz
DO1023 $8.00DETAILS >>

The Best of Mauro Giuliani "20 pieces" edited by Frederic Zigante
DF16287 $30.00DETAILS >>

The Best of Mauro Giuliani "20 pieces" edited by Frederic Zigane
DF16287 $30.00DETAILS >>

John Fahey - Guitar Anthology "18 solos in notation and TAB"
HL150257 $19.99DETAILS >>

The Flatpicking Sourcebook by Beppe Gametta
AM1011098 $19.99DETAILS >>

Jake Shimabukuro - Live in Japan
HL158305 $22.99DETAILS >>

Hymns for Solo Jazz Guitar arranged by Walter Rodriguez, Jr.
HL153842 $19.99DETAILS >>

2000 Blues Licks That Rock by Lawrence Fritts
HL109377 $35.99DETAILS >>

1955 Ignacio Fleta classical guitar

Pas de Deux of The Classical Guitar by Katya Skandera - 70 Duets from 7 Centuries - Easy to Advanced levels - 184 pages
CE003 $30.00DETAILS >>

8 - 2" x 3" sheets [in a clear wallet-size sleeve]
4 of 500 grade - Trimite Freecut, 1 each of 3600, 4000, 6000, & 8000 grades - washable micro-surface

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