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We are looking for someone who knows the classical guitar repertoire, who can take phone orders and help with processing and shipping, here in San Francisco. Some basic retail and computer skills are necessary. Please call if you are interested. 415 896 1922

Mail Order

Our mail order service has been one of the most comprehensive in the world since 1974 when much of the guitar repertoire was very difficult if not impossible to find. We stock over 12,000 titles of classical guitar methods, studies, sheet music and folios. We also stock a large selection of jazz, blues, pop, folk, country, and rock methods and songbooks for the guitar. Ukulele, mandolin, banjo, and harmonica methods, music and literature are also in abundance on our racks.

If you can't find what you're looking for at this website, please contact us. Maybe we can get it for you.

phone: 866 788 2255 (US and US Territories) or  415 896 1144     Monday - Friday: 10 - 4 (Pacific Time)

email: gsp@gspguitar.com

Our San Francisco Shop (Guitar Solo)


Monday (24th) noon - 5

Hope to see you...


The shop is now open from Noon - 7pm, Mondays - Fridays. And as always, from 11-6 on Saturdays, and 12-5 on Sundays. Hope to see you here!

 Guitar Solo was voted "Best Place to Buy a Guitar" in SF Weekly's and The Guardian's "Best of San Francisco" and "Best of The Bay Area" issues.

You will find everything on this website and much more on display at our retail shop in the SOMA district of San Francisco. We stock nylon and steel-string acoustics in all price levels for students and enthusiasts to professionals.

Some of the guitars (new and used) you can expect to see and play at the shop include:
Marin-Montero, Ramirez, Contreras, Sakurai, Kohno, Bernabe, Baarslag, Raya-Pardo, Prenkert, Imai, Porter, Elwell, Plazuelo, Solista, Teton, Yamaha, Larrivee, Blueridge, Santa Cruz, Bristol, Martin, Gibson, Kremona, Alhambra, Sunlite, Cervantes, Aria and others. It's always changing so call for a current inventory.

We also have mandolins, banjos, and ukeleles from Pohaku, Lanikai, Koaloha, Kala, Flyte, Makala, Fluke, Regal, Blueridge, Rover, etc.

Whatever you need for your acoustic guitar - we probably have it. We maintain a comprehensive selection of methods and songbooks for all levels and styles. Everyday accessories such as straps, picks, strings, cases, music and instrument stands, pickups, polish, etc., are always in stock and on display.

Parking can sometimes be an issue here but there is a Safeway across the street from us, where you can park for 90 minutes with a $5.00 purchase - at Safeway. Have your ticket stamped when you make your purchase there.

Our expert repairmen can take care of all your maintenance needs, from basic set ups, the installation of pickups for the amplification of your acoustic instrument, to complete restorations.

We rent student guitars and maintain a SF Bay Area Teacher List.

Guitar Solo is located at:
230 Townsend Street
San Francisco, CA 94107-1720

(between 3rd and 4th Streets - near the AT&T/Giants Ball Park and the CalTrain Station)

Telephone: 415-896-1922 (Pacific Time)
Fax: 415-896-1155
Email: gsp@gspguitar.com

Store Hours
Monday - Friday: 12 - 7     Saturday: 11 - 6     Sunday: 12 - 5

XMAS EVE Monday (24th) 12-5


GSP Editions & Recordings

GSP editions and recordings have gained worldwide recognition for integrity and quality of content - introducing important players, composers, and arrangers with unique talents and music to the guitar world.

Some of our artists include Roland Dyens, Dusan Bogdanovic, William Kanengiser, Paulo Bellinati, Marco Pereira, Martha Masters, Iliana Matos, Cristina Azuma, Xuefei Yang, Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Thibault Cauvin, Michael Lorimer, Luiz Bonfa, Laurindo Almeida, Baden Powell, Dilermando Reis, Paulino Nogueira, Scott Tennant, and Eduardo Martin among many others.

GSP Strings & Accessories

Our own custom made classical guitar strings, are wound on a very unique multifilament nylon core. We were the first to market our unique nylon Super and Ultra Trebles - now used by several of the major brand string makers. We were also first to have Super and Ultra Hybrid Trebles (called Titanium by some) - a little brighter and more powerful than the Supers and Ultras.

Quality of sound and production, and consistency are what guitarists have come to expect from GSP Strings. Users include Kazuhito Yamashita, Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Marco Pereira, Marc Regnier, Asturias Guitars, Kohno and Sakurai Guitars, among many others.

Other GSP products include: Diamond Nail File, Mirofiber Polish Cloth, 3 Grade Nail Buffer, and Nail Finishing Papers.