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Beginning his professional career as a guitarist at the age of 12, Raphael Rabello made his first recording in 1976 and at thirteen was invited by Paulo Moura and Arthur Moreira Lima to join their group. He appeared with them at Lincoln Center in 1977.

He toured with Paulo Moura to France, Portugal, Argentina, and throughout Brazil, and when he returned, Oscar Castro-Neves introduced Raphael to the studio world, beginning a prolific recording career. In ten years, Mr. Rabellos participation in the work of both Brazilian and internationally known artists, summed over 700 recordsincluding albums by Milton Nascimento, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Ivan Lins, Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa, Chico Buarque, Paul Simon, and Dionne Warwick.

Raphael appeared in many international jazz music festivals and in concert halls around the world, including the Gaveau in Paris, and the Scalia of Milan. Both Raphaels solo projects and his collaborative works have acheived popular acclaim in Brazil, with one of his albums receiving Brazil's prestigious Sharp Primeiro award for 1993.

Raphael passed away in 1995, a few months after recording his final solo album "Cry, My Guitar" for GSP (GSP 1010CD).


The best guitarist Ive heard in years. He has overcome the technical limitations of the instrument, and his music comes unhindered from his soul, straight to the hearts of we who admire him.  Paco de Lucia

Raphael Rabello was simply one of the greatest guitarists who has ever lived. His level of insight into the potential of the instrument was matched only by the great Paco de Lucia. He was the Brazilian guitarist of our time, in my opinion. His loss at such a young age is an incredible loss, not only for what he already did, but for what he could have done.  Pat Metheny

He has a stunning technique and plays with a fiery passion matched only by Paco de Lucia and Baden Powell. Raphael Rabello stands poised to make an international contribution to the guitar comparable to that of his friend Paco de Lucia. He has already synthesized elements of flamencoboth harmonically and in terms of idiomatic techniquesinto his own unique style. His guitar arrangements are extremely original and he performs with a fluidity that one rarely hears.  Brian Hodel, Guitar Review Magazine

One of the guitar worlds brightest flames no longer burns. Though not widely known outside of his native Brazil, Raphael Rabello, who died recently at the age of 32, was considered the premier guitarist of his generation in that country. The fire that coursed through every note, along with a jaw-dropping virtuosity and imaginative harmonic sense, made him to Brazilian music what Paco de Lucia is to flamenco music.  Scott Nygaard, Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Raphael was a very close friend. When I met him, I was impressed with his talent. I was astonished by his genius.  Gal Costa

&this is one of the finer Brazilian guitar players Ive ever heard.  Lee Ritenour, JazzTimes Magazine

He was born to play the guitar.  Radamés Gnattali

He had no limitations&Technique, speed, good harmonic taste, a complete artist.  Dino Sete Cordas (Horondino Silva)

There are people who live beyond their chronological time. He was a genius in what he chose to do: to keep the tradition of the Brazilian guitar alive. He reinvented the way samba is played on guitar.  Guinga

He represented the great tradition of the Brazilian guitar along with names like Dilermando Reis, João Pernambuco, Baden Powell, and Garoto.  Turibio Santos

He was one of the greatest musicians that I ever met. It seems that he was born to play the guitar. He was an artist at birth, not a product of study.  Paulo Sergio Santos

If the acoustic guitar has once again established itself as the leading instrumental voice of modern Brazilian music, much of the credit can be given to Raphael Rabello&  Mark Holston, Guitar Player Magazine

He was an amazing guitar player. I never saw his equal, he was unique.  Francis Hime

&one of Brazils greatest guitarists, a musician of great creativity, with a profound sense of harmony, a big heart, and above all, a great friend.  Paco de Lucia

To play with Raphael was a big inspiration for my music. To listen to his playing will always be a beautiful learning experience for me.  Romero Lubambo

He was a prodigy, talented and fragile. He was the Mozart of choro.  Luis Nassif

Raphael managed to free the choro from its seriousness with his extroverted style of playing. Because of this, the choro attained a universal quality.  Paulo Moura

Raphael Rabello was one of the most notorious guitar players of all time. His approach was very expressive and confident, with moving interpretations and exuberant technique. His contribution was essential, leaving one of the richest and most remarkable pages in the history of the Brazilian guitar.  Marco Pereira

This is the missing CD among Raphael Rabellos scarce discography. Its like a dream come true to see this CD accomplishedone of the best solo guitar albums I have listened to. Congratulations Dean Kamei for giving such an important contribution to the Brazilian guitar.  Paulo Bellinati

Raphael was a brilliant guitarist, intensely emotional as a soloist, while possessing unique accompaniment skills.  Carlos Barbosa-Lima

With the death of Raphael we lost more than the incredible guitar player he was. With all his technique, his tone quality and his bravura performances he was still a young talentlearning and assimilating all the music that surrounded him. I wish we could witness what time would have brought to an artist who was growing and maturing so much beyond his young years. A great loss for us and the guitar world.  Oscar Castro-Neves

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