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Academic Treatise on Flamenco Guitar, Volume 4 [Book & CD]

The Academic Treatise on Flamenco Guitar by the maestro Manuel Granados represents didactic material of enormous interest for maestros, students, flamenco aficionados and guitarists of all musical styles. Organised into five volumes, this first work is aimed at those students about to begin their studies, and to all those who may have learned without real coherency and who may have some faults to correct. The book, published in stave and Tab is divided into three sections; technique, styles and theory of flamenco music, with a CD so that the guitarist can practice without the need of help from a teacher. Manuel Granados' academic vocation throughout more than twenty years of teaching at the Conservatorio del Liceo de Barcelona grants him the unquestionable position of Maestro of the pedagogy of the flamenco guitar in Spain; As much for his lengthy trajectory as director and professor since 2989 to the present day, trajectory which has enabled him to establish a personal method for apprenticeship and to consolidate an efficient methodology for teaching flamenco; as well as for his dedication to the priority of teaching and for the professional success attained by a great number of students, both in the artistic and teaching fields.

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