A Felicidade

A Felicidade
Maker/Manufacturer: BELLINATI, PAULO

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"Paulo's masterful solo arrangements of 11 pieces by Jobim, Gilberto, Edu Lobo, Chico Buarque, and 2 Bellinati originals"

Additional Information

Additional Information

Maker / Manufacturer BELLINATI, PAULO
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Track 1 A Felicidade (A.C. Jobim)
Track 2 Valsa-Bebel (J. Gilberto)
Track 3 Undiu (J. Gilberto)
Track 4 Valsa Brasileira (E. Lobo & C. Buarque)
Track 5 Joana Francesa (C. Buarque)
Track 6 Beatriz (E. Lobo & C. Buarque)
Track 7 Dezenove (P. Bellinati)
Track 8 Fernanda (P. Bellinati)
Track 9 Brigas Nunca Mais (A.C. Jobim)
Track 10 Chora Coracao (A.C. Jobim)
Track 11 Gabriela (A.C. Jobim)


"In his arrangements Bellinati does an excellent job of maintaining the original effect of each piece, while embellishing the gentle melodic content through the warm tones of his nylon string guitar. For example, in one work by Joao Gilberto, Bellinati cleverly mimics the 'scat' vocal techniques used by Gilberto in the original. True to the style of the music, Bellinati takes great expressive liberties with pulse and rhythm, creating to a soothing, restful, and almost nostalgic atmosphere throughout the recording. Casual listeners will find this disc appealing for its delicate style and immediate accessibility, while guitar aficionados will appreciate the technical challenge of the works, and Bellinati's world-class technique." - Timothy Smith, Minor 7th.com

"This is a magnificent album! So beautiful." - Randy Morse, "The Best of Brazil" KZUM 89.3 FM

"Bellinati clearly loves the music and has a solid technique and a rich sound." - Keaton, American Record Guide

"Artists all over the world have taken up Paulo Bellinati's music, and he returns the favor to other composers on this very fine disc... Virtually every work is a beautifully arranged mini-tone poem...

"As we have all come to expect over the years from GSP's in-house productions, the sound is flawless. Lovers of Brazilian guitar music will want this fine recording." - Albert Kunze, Soundboard Magazine

"This is Brazilian guitar playing and solo guitar arrangements at their best. Thank you dean Kamei and Paulo Bellinati for the continued joy you bring to the guitar world.." - Tim Panting, Classical Guitar Magazine


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