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Our old site finally reached a point of no return so we've launched this new, but unfinished site to keep things moving. Please bear with us as we constantly adjust, program, reformat, and add products and information. At the same time, we welcome your input as we improve and streamline all that's here. Thank you for your patience and understanding through this transitional time. We greatly appreciate your patronage.

Dean Kamei (owner)

GSP is an internationally recognized source for guitar music, guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, recordings, strings, accessories, and information. Catering to professionals and enthusiasts, our retail store, Guitar Solo, in San Francisco is the place to find just about anything for the acoustic guitar - steel or nylon. At this location we maintain a comprehensive selection of music and instruments.

Guitar Solo was voted "Best Place to Buy a Guitar" in SF Weekly's "Best of San Francisco" and The Guardian's "Best of The Bay Area" issues.

GSP Editions and Recordings have gained worldwide recognition for integrity and quality of content - introducing important new players, composers, and their unique talents and music to the guitar world.

Our own custom made classical guitar strings, are wound on a very unique multifilament nylon core. We were the first to market our unique nylon Super and Ultra Trebles - now used by several of the major brand string makers. We also have Super and Ultra Hybrid Trebles - a little brighter and more powerful than the Supers and Ultras. Quality of sound and production, and consistency are what guitarists have come to expect from GSP Strings. Users include Kazuhito Yamashita, Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Marc Regnier, Asturias Guitars, Kohno and Sakurai Guitars, among many others.

We hope you find our website helpful and hope that you will give us your comments as we continue to make improvements. Above all, we greatly appreciate your patronage over the years!