Lira Brasileira

Lira Brasileira
Maker/Manufacturer: BELLINATI, PAULO

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Additional Information

Maker / Manufacturer BELLINATI, PAULO
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Track 1 Emboscada (Xaxado)
Track 2 Embaixador (Maracatu)
Track 3 Fole Nordestino (Baiao)
Track 4 Sai do Chao (Frevo)
Track 5 Seresteiro Paulistano (Seresta)
Track 6 Alvoroço (Maxixe)
Track 7 Rosto Colado (Bolero)
Track 8 Rosto Colado (Bolero)
Track 9 Rosto Colado (Bolero)
Track 10 Rosto Colado (Bolero)
Track 11 Rosto Colado (Bolero)
Track 12 Rosto Colado (Bolero)
Track 13 Rosto Colado (Bolero)
Track 14 Rosto Colado (Bolero)
Track 15 Rosto Colado (Bolero)
Track 16 Rosto Colado (Bolero)
Track 17 Rosto Colado (Bolero)
Track 18 Rosto Colado (Bolero)
Track 19 Rosto Colado (Bolero)
Track 20 Rosto Colado (Bolero)
Track 21 Rosto Colado (Bolero)
Track 22 Rosto Colado (Bolero)
Track 23 Rosto Colado (Bolero)
Track 24 Rosto Colado (Bolero)


"Contemporary Brazilian guitar at its very finest. Rooted in traditional Brazilian music styles, 'Lira Brasileira' showcases original compositions of remarkable depth and beauty." - Acoustic Guitar Magazine, 20th Anniversary Issue

"Bellinati embodies that seemingly uniquely Brazilian ability to blend formal classical guitar technique with the funky sway of Afro-Brazilian folk music. &immaculate precision, drawing a near-orchestral tone out of his '91 Ignacio Fleta. Yet he never loses touch with the primal earthiness of their ritual- and dance-inspired rhythms. Bellinati is also a fine composer, his pieces guitaristic but not fretboard-bound." - Joe Gore, Guitar Player Magazine

"...a fascinating and polished enrichment of the already extensive South American guitar repertoire. Throughout, Bellinati plays with skill and sensitivity, and this disc will be enjoyed by all with a fondness for Brazilian music." - Chris Kilvington, Classical Guitar Magazine

"Wonderful work. He is a master guitar composer. Easy listening to complex rhythms and styles." - Jeanette Alexander Roewe, Victory Review Magazine

"...a wealth of new and distinctive works for guitar. ...Bellinati has expressed so many moods and passions of Brazil. Together the pieces provide an extraordinary trip through the traditions and folkways of this wonderful country." - Lawrence Ferrara, S.F. Classical Guitar Society Newsletter

"...inspired by the rich tradition of Brazilian musical styles and the product of Paulo's deep knowledge and love of the music of his native land. Each tune is composed in a precise Brazilian style, but they are original ideas with translucence.. It's a contemporary, unique treatment of the folklore using modern compositional techniques and rich Brazilian harmonies." - Emma Martinez, Classical Guitar Magazine

"...Lira Brasileira further defines Bellinati's talent. His songs carry a brilliance that is immediately apparent. ...Bellinati carries the rich, folkloric traditions of Brazil to an invigorating, contemporary plateau. A rainbow of Brazilian musical style is found within these 15 selections for solo guitar." - Brazilian Music Review

"With its wide stylistic and historical range and its great compositional inventiveness, 'Lira Brasileira' is the most comprehensive and beautiful collection of Brazilian styles ever recorded." - Scott Cmiel, Acoustic Guitar Magazine


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