No. 4

No. 4
Maker/Manufacturer: CAUVIN, THIBAULT

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Ourkouzounov, Chassain, Dyens, Bogdanovic, Cauvin

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Additional Information

Maker / Manufacturer CAUVIN, THIBAULT
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"Classical guitarist Thibault Cauvin's current release, 'No. 4,' features a provocative collection of modern music impeccably performed with astonishing finesse. While at times the music can be challenging, there is never a moment where the listener is not rewarded with the guitarist's endless virtuosity. On the opening "Allegro assai" and "Vivo" Cauvin displays his astonishing pyrotechnical talents offering both elaborate percussive finger effects and fiery single string excursions. "Clown Down," is inspired by the Brazilian musician Egberto Gismonte showcasing a staccato bass line and intricate rhythmic patterns. On the pensive "Adagio espressivo" and "Light Motif" the guitarist delicately performs each ballad with grace and elegance. Perhaps the most noteworthy standouts, on a recording that has many, come from the two compositions written by the guitarist's father, Philippe Cauvin. "Voyage au bord de l'infini" contains melodic, lyrical, harmonies in the first theme. While the second part offers dramatic arpeggios and cadenzas played with fire and passion. The album ends with the playful "Rocktypicovin" featuring intricate harmonics and percussive nuances showcasing Cauvin's phenomenal command of his instrument. 'No. 4' is a triumphant release, by a young guitarist that is sure to dazzle audiences for decades to come, and should be essential listening for all fans of both Classical and modern music. In addition, this recording is highly recommended for any aficionado of contemporary acoustic guitar looking to broaden their musical horizons." - James Scott, Minor 7th.com

"His playing is magnificent...strong, blazingly exciting, yet subtly mysterious when appropriate. His sound is beautiful or feral as needed, and his rhythm is irresistible. The timing is short for this recording, but such a unified program, consistently excellent, is better than added makeweight." - Keaton, American Record Guide

"...Cauvin emerges as a dynamic and engaging guitarist with breathtaking technical resources, his bright and rhythmic soundscape admirably captured by GSP boss Dean Kamei. An uncompromising release from a new kid on the block who's already proving to be very interesting." - Paul Fowles, Classical Guitar Magazine


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